We've worked with many organizations since we opened our doors in 2002. Here's a sample of our clients and the type of work we've done:

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California Fish Passage Forum

California Fish Passage Forum Strategic Framework

California Fish Passage Forum website


Cape Perpetua Collaborative (facilitation)

Cape Perpetua Collaborative Planning Meeting


Coastal Fish Habitat Partnerships

Coastal FHP poster
Coastal FHP summary


Cascades to Coast Landscape Collaborative (facilitation)

Backgrounder document

A rapid assessment of landscape conservation planning tools and options for the Cascades to Coast Landscape Collaborative

Cascades to Coast Landscape Collaborative Two-Year Work Plan (June 2020-June 2022)

Pacific Marine and Estuarine Fish Habitat Partnership

Pacific Marine and Estuarine Fish Habitat Partnership Strategic Framework

Pacific Marine and Estuarine Fish Habitat Partnership website

Pacific Marine and Estuarine Fish Habitat Partnership Summit Final Report

Pathways to Strategic Conservation in West Coast Estuaries


West Coast Governors Alliance on Ocean Health

Regional Ocean Partnership Funding Program Proposal (2012-12012-22011-12011-2)
WCGA website


Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

Mule Deer in the West — Changing Landscapes, Changing Perspectives
Potential Impacts of Global Climate Change on Abundance and Distribution of Elk and Mule Deer in Western North America
Western Native Trout Initiative—Facilitate strategic prioritization efforts for western native trout and develop online storymap for Western Native Trout Challenge



Federal agencies


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Vulnerability and Habitat Suitability of Fort Peck Lake Recreation, Water, Water Supply, and Fish and Wildlife Features to Invasive Mussel Impacts


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Asian Toad Report
Regional Information Management Strategy

Pacific Northwest Coast Landscape Conservation Design

Workshop reports (Chehalis - 2018, Warrenton - 2019)

U.S. Geological Survey

Columbia Basin Partner Forum (facilitation)


State and Provincial Agencies and Organizations


Arizona Game and Fish Department

Biological Foundations for Management of Mammalian Predators in Arizona

Wildlife Line of Business Plan (2019)


Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

Rick Evans Grandview Prairie Master Plan


California Tahoe Conservancy

Lake Tahoe Aquatic Invasive Species Action Agenda, 2021-2030 (November 2019)

Lake Tahoe Aquatic Invasive Species Action Agenda, 2021-2030 (glossy brochure) (November 2019)


Facilitate six Fish Passage Advisory Committees (FishPACs), including website development and maintenance; Facilitate Interagency Engineering Working Group and FishPAC Leadership Action Team

FishPAC newsletter


Metro Vancouver, British Columbia

Metro Vancouver Watershed Biosecurity Analysis - Terrestrial and Aquatic Invasive Species


Montana Invasive Species Advisory Council

Montana Statewide Management Assessment of Invasive Species (March 2016)

Governor's Summit on Invasive Species Report (April 2016)

Governor's Summit on Invasive Species - Assessing the Past - Strategizing the Future - PROGRAM (April 2016)


Oregon Department of Agriculture

ODA Noxious Weed Control Program 2012 Listening Sessions


Oregon Department of Energy - Global Warming Commission Outreach and Education Plan

Global Warming Commission Communication and Outreach Work Plan


Oregon Department of Transportation

Workforce Development Project Final Report
Connect Oregon Brochure
CS3 Exhibit - Context Sensitive and Sustainable Solutions


Oregon Invasive Species Council Coordinator

2009 Statewide Management Assessment of Invasive Species
Appendices to Statewide Management Assessment of Invasive Species
Executive Summary of Statewide Management Assessment of Invasive Species
2008 Report to Governor Kulongoski on Statewide Invasive Species Summit
Oregon Invasive Species Council Business Plan 2007-2008
Invasive Species Database Management in Oregon

City of Portland Terrestrial and Aquatic Invasive Animal Assessment
2009 Invasive Species Calendar
News Releases
OISC 2012 Invasive Species Summit Final Report

Council website


Pacific Northwest Economic Region

Regional dreissenid framework
Developing a regional defense against quagga and zebra mussels workshop


Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission

Oregon Dreissenid Rapid Response Exercise, Lake Billy Chinook After Action Report (2020)

Lessons Learned - State Dreissenid Rapid Response Exercises (2019)

Recreational Fisheries Information Network (RecFIN) Marine Recreational Information Program (MRIP) Regional Implementation Planning Priorities, 2019-2021 (2019)

Lessons Learned - State Dreissenid Rapid Response Exercises (September 2019)

Nighttime Aquatic Invasive Species Watercraft Inspection and Decontamination Stations: A Review (2019)

Dreissenid Mussel Rapid Response in the Columbia River Basin: Recommended Practices to Facilitate Endangered Species Act Section 7 Compliance (2019)

Columbia River Basin Dreissenid Mussel Monitoring Forum Workshop (2018)

Oregon and Washington Rapid Response Working Group Action Plan

Strategies to Conduct Vulnerability Assessments for High Priority Columbia River Basin Hydropower and Dam Facilities (serve as coordinator of the CRB Vulnerability Assessment Team)

Building Consensus in the West: A multi-state vision for watercraft inspection programs

Biofouling in the U.S. Pacific States and British Columbia

Western States and Provinces Best Management Practices to Comply with State/Provincial Laws to Prevent the Spread of Aquatic Invasive Species

Creation and maintenance of websites: www.westernais.org and www.crbdirt.com


Tahoe Regional Planning Agency 

Facilitate retreat September 2016


Washington Invasive Species Council

Washington Dreissenid Mussel Rapid Response Plan

Washington State Department of Transportation

Gravel-bed river assessment tool for improved resilience of engineering design (facilitated workshop - March 2019)


Western Panel on Aquatic Invasive Species

Invasive Tunicate Workshop, August 6-7, 2014, Seattle Washington



Nonprofit organizations


Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society

Wildlife Water Developments and Desert Bighorn Sheep in the Southwestern United States


Audubon Washington

Bird Habitat Conservation in Coastal Wetlands (2015)


Bonneville Environmental Foundation

Riparian/Floodplain Forest Restoration Practitioner Workshop: A Peer-to-Peer Learning Workshop


Institute for Applied Ecology

2009-2012 Strategic Plan

2012-2016 Strategic Plan

Marys River Watershed Council
Create an Oak Creek Watershed Collaborative

Oregon Chapter of The Wildlife Society

Raven: A Quarterly Newsletter of the Oregon Chapter of The Wildlife Society 
2009 ORTWS Annual Conference Brochure


The Nature Conservancy

Climate and Communities Initiative (2018)

Oregon Marine Reserves Summit - Linking Tourism to Oregon's Ocean Assets (2018)

Eelgrass habitats on the U.S. West Coast: State of the Knowledge of Ecosystem Services and Eelgrass Extent (2018)

Rocky Intertidal Monitoring Workshop (2017)

Coquille Working Landscapes website

Salmon Excluder Project

Salmon Excluder Fact Sheet
Salmon Excluder (PowerPoint)
Salmon Excluder Poster

Ocean Science Trust Summit (agenda) (report)


Oregon Tilth

Graphic elements/tables for Oregon Tilth Organic Land Care Field Guide


The Ocean Foundation

Oregon Marine Reserves Partnership Strategic Framework

Oregon Marine Reserves Partnership website

SevenSeas Article on Marine Reserves (March 2016)

Interpretive Panels on Oregon's Marine Reserves

A Tide Change: Inspiring Engagement in Oregon's Marine Reserves (2016) - summit





Oregon State University

Cooperative Institute for Marine Resources Studies Action Agenda 2021-2030 and website (2020)

Transformative Connections - National NRT Summit Facilitator (2020)

2002 Annual Report


Portland State University

Oregon Dreissenid Rapid Response Plan

Dreissenid Mussel Research Priorities Workshop (November 2015)

Washington State University

Meyers Point Environmental Field Station Stakeholders and Partners Workshop Summary (November 2017)


Local governments


Benton County Soil and Water Conservation District

Benton County Cooperative Weed Management Area Strategic Action Plan 2012
Willamette Mainstem Cooperative Action Plan 2015-2020 Facilitation 
Willamette Mainstem Cooperative Action Plan Update (2019) Facilitation

City of Corvallis

Healthy Streets, Healthy Streams Initiative


City of Portland

City of Portland Invasive Species Strategy Review and Enhancement Project 

City of Portland Terrestrial and Aquatic Invasive Animal Assessment


Clear Lake, County, California

Model Quagga/Zebra Mussel Reciprocal Vessel Certification Program for Clear Lake and Neighboring Lakes


Metro (Portland, Oregon)

Wildlife Crossings: The State of the Science - Literature Review
Wildlife Crossings Guidebook


Salem-Keizer School District

Newspaper advertisements
Powerpoint Presentations


Sanders County, Montana

Analysis of Treatment Alternatives for Invasive Watermilfoil in Noxon Rapids and Cabinet Gorge Reservoirs, Sanders, County, Montana

Seal Rock Water District

Integrated Water Management and Implementation Plan for the Mid-Coast Region of Oregon (with partners - Insititute for Natural Resources, Oregon Sea Grant, and Oregon State University Extension Service) - website



Public Involvement - Highway Construction Projects

SAGE Publishing 
The Nature Conservancy of Oregon
Oregon Wildlife Heritage Foundation 
Voices Internacional
Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association



Other Published Works


Oregon Department of Forestry "Forests for Oregon" article

Oregon Department of Forestry - Greatest Permanent Value
Journal of Forestry article on Changing Paradigms
Is My Forest Well-Managed? A Checklist for Sustainability - 2008
Forest Ownership and Management - What's Your Style? 2009
Challis Hot Springs Article - Western RV News and Recreation
Western Forester June 2009 issue on Gypsy Moths and the Public
Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest Article - Escapees Magazine 2009
SevenSeas article on marine reserves - March 2016

Nature at Your Doorstep - Missouri Conservationist - 1994

A Nature Center in Mid-Missouri - Missouri Conservationist - 1993

DeBruyckere, L.A., and J.E. Garr. 1991. Managing people and wildlife on urban wildlife areas. Pages 171-174 in Wildlife Conservation in Metropolitan Environments. National Institute for Urban Wildlife, Columbia, MD.


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