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Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society

Wildlife Water Developments and Desert Bighorn Sheep in the Southwestern United States


Audubon Washington

Bird Habitat Conservation in Coastal Wetlands (2015)


Bonneville Environmental Foundation

Riparian/Floodplain Forest Restoration Practitioner Workshop: A Peer-to-Peer Learning Workshop


Institute for Applied Ecology

2009-2012 Strategic Plan

2012-2016 Strategic Plan

Marys River Watershed Council (facilitation)
Create an Oak Creek Watershed Collaborative


MidCoast Watersheds Council

Strategic Roadmap

The Ocean Foundation

Oregon Marine Reserves Partnership Strategic Framework

Oregon Marine Reserves Partnership website

SevenSeas Article on Marine Reserves (March 2016)

Interpretive Panels on Oregon's Marine Reserves

A Tide Change: Inspiring Engagement in Oregon's Marine Reserves (2016) - summit

Oregon Chapter of The Wildlife Society

Raven: A Quarterly Newsletter of the Oregon Chapter of The Wildlife Society 
2009 ORTWS Annual Conference Brochure


Oregon Tilth

Graphic elements/tables for Oregon Tilth Organic Land Care Field Guide

The Nature Conservancy

Climate and Communities Initiative (2018)

Oregon Marine Reserves Summit - Linking Tourism to Oregon's Ocean Assets (2018)

Eelgrass habitats on the U.S. West Coast: State of the Knowledge of Ecosystem Services and Eelgrass Extent (2018)

Rocky Intertidal Monitoring Workshop (2017)

Coquille Working Landscapes website

Salmon Excluder Project

Salmon Excluder Fact Sheet
Salmon Excluder (PowerPoint)
Salmon Excluder Poster

Ocean Science Trust Summit (agenda) (report)

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